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Software Development

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Software Development

InForce Cyber helps you build the right product for your business. Whether it’s a web or mobile app, Android or iOS, database or platform – we can design, build, support, and maintain according to your business needs.

Web & Mobile Apps

Whether it’s a web or mobile app, Android or iOS, database or platform – we can design, build, support, and maintain according to your business needs.

UI/UX and Design

The UI covers clean file naming protocols, two-factor authentications, button colors - all critical elements that lead to a better user experience and decrease the chance for human error. The UX impact is multidimensional with numerous touch points, actions and emotions which shape the user experience.

Database Management

If you are exploring automation options, we have developers and security architects available to automate your processes, improve business efficiency, and increase profits.

QA & Testing

Quality assurance and cybersecurity go hand in hand. But first, for a cyber security program to go live, it has to undergo quality assurance testing. Thanks to QA, users will have assurance the cybersecurity program meets standards.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing services are changing how businesses and public institutions use information technology. Today's cloud services can meet most IT needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our range of advanced AI development services helps businesses automate their day-to-day activities and thereby overcome complex challenges.

Custom Integration

Building specialized cross-platform solutions to meet industry requirements and optimize long-term business development processes.

Training Academy

Being a great software developer means not only being fluent at the latest frameworks and programming languages, but also being aware of the big picture and understanding the entire development process.

Cyber Security

At InForce Cyber you will work with security-oriented professionals who specialize in various fields across the security, compliance, and investigation sectors.

Penetration Testing

Our cyber security engineers provide penetration testing services to help assess you network architecture, implement and manage the best possible security solution to reduce potential risk of your assets.

Code Audit

Our team will ensure security best practices are implemented and followed throughout all parts of your organization.

Incident response

The InForce Cyber Incident Response team works around the clock to establish processes and respond accordingly to real time threats using various attack vectors.

Forensic Investigation

Our goal as digital forensics investigators is to identify the perpetrator of a cybercrime and obtain hard evidence to be admissible in a court of law.

Threat Intelligence

Our security experts correlate and analyze all incoming data in order to predict the latest security threats and help your business stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

IT Compliance

We offer a wide variety of compliance services by conducting comprehensive internal audits and working closely with key departments within your organization.

IT Security Outsourcing

An expirienced 24/7 Cyber Security team will manage the information security infrastructure and ensure hightest protection level for your critical assests.

Endpoint Protection

Our engineers will implement complex security mechanisms to ensure the hightest protection for your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Training Academy

With billions of devices now online, new threats pop-up every second. If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, then our Training Academy is for you!

Over the last decade we’ve completed

a multitude of complex projects and earned certifications!


People just love using our services – hear them out:

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Penetration Test
"Their strategies and methodology always uncover interesting critical vulnerabilities. The reporting is clear and concise with ample and clearly defined remediations for vulnerabilities. The whole InForce team supports me through the full client cycle- from sale to submitting reporting. They are a true partner. "
Lamar C.
Incident Response
"Once again Asen and his team helped me by stopping an attack and securing my business network!"
Robert B.
Artificial Intelligence
“This job was a piece of cake for Asen and his team. They managed to provide the hightest quality deliverables. Excellent work once again!”
David M.
Code Audit
"The InForce team did an amazing job performing manual code audit for our internaly developed applications! Looking forward to our next mutual project!"
Justin W.
PCI Compliance
"Outstanding job performing a complex gap analysis and providing detailed recommendations for our upcoming PCI certification!"
Brian T.
Web App Security Assessment
“Asen helped with a vulnerability assessment. They performed it with the highest quality and excellent communication. I would hire them again.”
Pontus S.
Cyber Security Online Tutorial
Asen and his team did an incredible job producing a 40+ hour video course and I am excited to start the next tutorial immediately!
Jerry B.
Threat Intelligence
"Excellent work! The job is done in no time as the whole team got strong skills. I enjoyed working with Asen and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future."
Michael P.
Forensic Investigation
"I was very satisfied with InForce's knowledge and the dedication they put forth to ensure my project was completed on schedule. I would not hesitate to do further business with them in the future, should the need arise."
Johnnie M.
Security Assessment
"For the last couple of years, I have used the services of InForce in the penetration testing and social engineering field. Their team is very responsive and flexible, from the C level executives to the project managers."
James K.
Cyber Security Podcast
“Asen is a top-level, in-demand ethical hacker and security professional who graciously agreed to be an expert guest on Kim Komando’s podcast. He was very well spoken, professional, and knowledgeable. I am honored to have interviewed him. I highly recommend him.”
Vicki M.
Web App Penetration Test
“I highly recommend working with InForce Cyber team on cyber security projects. They are well- experienced, always clear to communicate and on business.”
Kate S.
Vulnerability Assessment
"I have worked with InForce Cyber and Asen for the past year and the InForce Team has completed 6 Enterprise Penetration tests for me. Their methodology is excellent and their attention to detail is admirable"
Scott M.


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